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Kwame Adu; a pastor and international broadcaster; He is a top notch in anything radio or audio; from creative writing, programming, and into production.

He developed the passion for radio upon asking his dad number of times the common childhood mystery about radio “How did the people get in the box?”

Since that time, that mystery for him about radio has made him a radio enthusiast, which has over the years propelled him to do lots of creative works in radio.

Kwame Adu is the founder and CEO for Jingles and Promos, one of the leading radio imaging services in Ghana, which he works tirelessly day and night, to make it a world class radio-service.

  Kwame started as an entertainment prefect in Senior high school and ended up hosting his inspirational weekend Show “Top 20 Gospel Mix” after graduating from the University Of Ghana.

Kwame’s show plays on terrestrial and online radio stations mainly in West and East Africa, parts of UK, USA, the Indies and the Philippines.

“I love anything audio and radio; in my production room, I can make that mono sound, stereo”
~ kwame 


Nurture what others would take for granted.

– Kwame adu

Apostle Kwame Adu – Election 2020

Aposlte Kwame Adu , also know as Mxngee is on with a hit single, dubbed Election 2020. Download this classic and dance with the groove, as Ghana heads to t he December elections.


My heartfelt and profound Gratitude to Apostle Edwin Wuver for His mentorship since December 2017, taking me through his Bible school (Sycamore School of Ministries- Sunyani) The Bible school also led me to Sycamore Church of All Nations, the mother church of the...

Gratefulness To God.

Grateful day, grateful moment, grateful opportunity. Not for what we have, not for what we have received; We just have to maintained the attitude of gratitude. There is nothing that gets the enemy disappointed than seeing us worshiping, praising, and offering...

O yes, what God said He will do, He will.Will anything stop God?

Nothing stops the way when air is moving. To stop anything from operation or moving, you will have to seal the very source of that thing. No one sees the air moving around, we only know it to be moving, but where it's coming from and heading is hidden. Most of the...

The Room To Progress Is Jesus

The room to progress is occupied by God's presence. The room to conquer the fear is to embrace the peace of God. The room to stay lies in the Power of the word of God. The room to see a turn around in our lives is to step boldly in the new place God wants to send us....

God Is On The Lead.

God is on the lead, We can be on the move He is ahead, We can get there. Whatever we don't have, we have it in our Lord. Whatever we can't find, we obtain in the Lord Whatever we have lost, we can recover in the Lord. May  access to our wealth be granted by the...

His Grace

The move of God never stops;It is continuous, The love of God never fails, It is unfailing. The mercy and grace of God never fades, It is renewed every morning, everyday. The economy of a nation can break down at some point, yet money will still flow.. Silver and gold...

We Need God

Having everything, but God becomes everything Coming late, but God is on time, taking us the way. Our Lord is steps ahead of us; we are led. We need God, He is our salvation and inheritance. We need God more than our fears We...

Jesus Everyday

It could be our prayer; "Lord I am not looking with my eyes, let me find, with Your sight, Build me, so I could stand. After a building is completed, the builder is not actually done, periodic maintenance is vital; In the same vain; Our Lord refreshes us daily with...

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