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Kwame Adu’s quotes – 


Four words for you, “not everything is lost”
Three words; “stay in faith”
Two words for you “remain blessed”
One word; “cheers” ~ Kwame Adu

~”You have it to give it, what are you hording, what are you giving?”


“The seasons may change, the sun may fade, but God would never change; keep your faith” ~ Kwame Adu





“The journey could be lonely, but keep going, you would be a blessing to many”




~”You can’t move an old tree into your yard; you have to plant young.”


The temple Solomon built was destroyed by Nebuchadnezzar II – 587 BC. Amother massive destruction hit the second temple 70 AD by the Roman army, led by Titus (Emperor). In fulfillment of Scripture, the 3rd temple would be rebuilt! …but in this age, God is more interested in buildings in form of people. We are putting up many kinds of buildings. but are we building up people? Are you building somebody?” – Kwame Adu




– ~” And God said, Let us make man in our image, after our linkeness: (Gen 1:26a) Indeed; The Trinity is in Unity. Go beyond me, se what we can be, Go beyond me and know what we can do, We are stronger together, Go beyond me, This is Unity.” – Kwame Adu




~” God says; what do I have that you can’t have, what do you want that I can’t give, what do I do that you can’t do, what do I give, that you don’t receive, what do I command that never come to pass”? – Kwame Adu




~”Nobody is nobody, everybody is somebody, you got something special to offer” – Kwame Adu




~”Focus on what’s before you and give less attention to the distraction .” – Kwame Adu




~”It could raining all night, all day, yet there would be room for the morning dew; God would noy deny what’s due you.” – Kwame Adu




~” When you shake an opened bottle of water, the water pumps out of the container, the human body is 70% water, you can run, you can jump, you can lie down with mouth opened, yet the water will stay in you. What a mighty God we serve, the master designer of designers.” – Kwame Adu




~” No matter strong you are, you can’t carry yourself, you need another shoulder , who is your shoulder.” – Kwame Adu




~”Light and speed function together, get rid of unwanted stuffs, hold the staff , not the chaff, cast the burdens, lighten the load for divine speed .” – Kwame Adu




~”Clear what’s blur, see beyond, go further.” – Kwame Adu


~”Use what you have and get what you want.”


~”The bird is generous too; after eating from the tree, it forgets not to sing some beautiful notes to keep its host company.”


~”Some are born great, some are made great, others achieve greatness. But young or old, small or big, weak or strong, you should never neglect to play that special or trivial role, which no one apart from you could bring it to life.”


~”One problem with knowledge; forgetfulness.”


~”I love the tree, it is kind and gentle; it would gladly stand the heat and cheer me up with its groovy shade.”


~”You don’t need the spotlight before you can brighten your world; shine from wherever you find yourself “


~”Know exactly what you are looking for, lest you might bypass the very thing should you meet it.”


~”The hard cover of a dried bean, never deter the weevil from piercing its way through.”


~”This life would be worthless, if our talents can’t be engaged to serve our maker.”


~”Keep smiling to the brighter side of life; worries dry up the bones “


~”Why can’t you give, when you are asked for a coin, and all you have is notes?”


~”Worrying would have been fine, if only worrying would not add more worries to the worry.”


~”Every little counts, but the problem is, we are sometimes impatient to see it mount.”


~”Know exactly what you are looking for, lest you might bypass the very thing should you meet it.”


~”We don’t need much, we just need a little to be faithful with, and that grows and grows and grows.”


~”Google can’t give you everything, talk to people.”


~”Sometimes we have to close the books and go to the field.”


~”Losers are not those who fail; but those who fail to make an effort.”


~You may have issues with the thoughts I convey, but it is not my quest to impose my wits on anyone. I only




~write to echo and expose the soundless messages, which whisper in me for perpetual reflection – Kwame Adu.


John 20:31 KJV

But these are written, that ye might believe that Jesus is the Christ, the Son of God; and that believing ye might have life through his name.