Summary Themes of the Bible Books

  1. Genesis: Creation and Fall
  2. Genesis: Abraham and Sarah
  3. Genesis: Jacob and Esau
  4. Genesis: Joseph and His Brothers
  5. Exodus: Moses and the Ten Commandments
  6. Exodus: The Israelites’ Journey to the Promised Land
  7. Leviticus: Laws and Regulations
  8. Numbers: The Israelites’ Journey Continues
  9. Deuteronomy: Moses’ Final Address
  10. Joshua: Conquest of the Promised Land
  11. Judges: Leadership and Deliverance
  12. Ruth: Faithfulness and Redemption
  13. 1 Samuel: Rise of Kingship in Israel
  14. 2 Samuel: Davidic Kingdom Established
  15. 1 Kings: Solomon’s Reign and Division of the Kingdom
  16. 2 Kings: Israel’s Decline and Exile
  17. 1 Chronicles: Genealogies and David’s Reign
  18. 2 Chronicles: History of the Davidic Kingdom
  19. Ezra: Rebuilding of the Temple and Return from Exile
  20. Nehemiah: Rebuilding of Jerusalem’s Walls
  21. Esther: Salvation of the Jews in Exile
  22. Job: The Problem of Suffering
  23. Psalms: Praise, Worship, and Lament
  24. Proverbs: Wisdom and Instruction
  25. Ecclesiastes: The Meaning of Life
  26. Song of Solomon: Love and Romance
  27. Isaiah: Prophecies of the Messiah
  28. Jeremiah: Judah’s Downfall and Exile
  29. Lamentations: Mourning for Jerusalem
  30. Ezekiel: Vision of Restoration
  31. Daniel: Prophecies of the End Times
  32. Hosea: God’s Faithful Love
  33. Joel: Day of the Lord
  34. Amos: Social Justice and Judgment
  35. Obadiah: Edom’s Judgment
  36. Jonah: God’s Mercy for Nineveh
  37. Micah: Judgment and Hope
  38. Nahum: Nineveh’s Destruction
  39. Habakkuk: Faith in Troubled Times
  40. Zephaniah: Judgment and Restoration
  41. Haggai: Rebuilding the Temple
  42. Zechariah: Prophecies of the Messiah and Future Restoration
  43. Malachi: Call to Repentance and Promise of Restoration
  44. Matthew: Life and Teachings of Jesus
  45. Mark: Gospel of Action and Miracles
  46. Luke: Gospel of Mercy and Compassion
  47. John: Gospel of Belief and Love
  48. Acts: Birth and Growth of the Church
  49. Romans: Salvation by Faith Alone
  50. 1 Corinthians: Church Unity and Discipline
  51. 2 Corinthians: Paul’s Defense of His Ministry
  52. Galatians: Freedom in Christ
  53. Ephesians: Unity in the Body of Christ
  54. Philippians: Joy in Suffering
  55. Colossians: Supremacy of Christ
  56. 1 Thessalonians: Second Coming of Christ
  57. 2 Thessalonians: Perseverance in Persecution
  58. 1 Timothy: Leadership in the Church
  59. 2 Timothy: Faithfulness in Ministry
  60. Titus: Sound Doctrine and Good Works
  61. Philemon: Forgiveness and Reconciliation
  62. Hebrews: Superiority of Christ and His Sacrifice
  63. James: Faith and Works
  64. 1 Peter: Perseverance in Suffering
  65. 2 Peter


  1. 2 Peter: False Teachers and the Day of the Lord
  2. 1 John: Love and Fellowship
  3. 2 John: Walking in Truth and Love
  4. 3 John: Hospitality and Support for Missionaries
  5. Jude: Contending for the Faith
  6. Revelation: Prophecies of the End Times

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